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Chemistry homework help

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Chemical Kinetics exam

Need help in chemical kinetics exam

chem 100, ch.4

chem 100 quiz on chapter 4

Chemistry Homework

At 1400C, how much of the ‘slush’ (of 30/70 Cu/Ni) is solid (please use whole numbers, in percent)?

At 1400C, what is the percent of copper in the solid part of a 30/70 copper-nickel alloy?  Please use a whole number, in percent.


organic chemistry I

Hey there, 

If anybody would be willing to make a deal and negotiate on taking my in class tests for these two classes that I'm struggling with I'd really appreciate it. We can duscuss everything else on private message, but in a nutshell 

you'd be oretty much taking the in class exam for me. I will explain how you'll recieve the test and all. 


Subjects:  Organic Chemistry and Probability &Statistics. 

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