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Chemistry homework help

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Sodium Sulphite paper


I need this paper done on Na2SO3

Below are the specifications.


Select a simple compound (ionic or molecular), briefly describe its extraction, then spend most of your pages on the industrial process that produces it and the possible uses and applications.

Each paper should be 5 pages long. There is a penalty of 10 point for every missing page.

Chemistry Short Answer Homework

Answer each question in no more than 100 words. Picture attached for first few questions.


1. Which molecule(s) can form hydrogen bonds with other molecules of the same compound?


2. Which of the following five molecules has the highest boiling point?: Pentane, Diethyl ether, 1-Butanol, 1-Propanol, 2-Butanol. Explain your reasoning.


3. Describe a method you might use to separate pentane and 1-butanol, explaining how the properties of the molecules allow you to do so.




Can you please do this physical chemistry homework?

I am willing to pay 10$


General Chemistry



I have 11 homework questions that is due tomorrow morning in less than 8 hours from now and I need it to be done ASAP so I can copy everything down. If you are a teacher then these questions shouldn't take much time for you. You can find the questions in the attached file. I am offering $10 for this assignment. Please do not bother sending me an a message if you want more than that. 


The questions are: 

Ch3- 74, 84, 85, 89, 93, 95

Ch4- 38, 46, 48, 62, 65 




chemistry help

i have a chemistry course and i need help in.

material engineering paper

What is it? –  

1 page paper that demonstrates you have:

the topic,

Engineering paper

What is it? –  

1 page paper that demonstrates you have:

the topic,

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