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Chemistry homework help

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Ch 23 PT + Q + E4 + S

Mastering Chemistry Homework

Online homework due in 2 hours. 

Oxidation States

1. For each test tube - #3, #4 and #5 - record the following results of the reactions:

Intermolecular Forces

Pre-Lab Exercise                                             Intermolecular Forces

Chemistry 150 Final Exam

Chemistry 150

Analytical Chemistry: Quantitative Analysis

Final Exam (take home)

200 pts. possible 


Rules: You may use the following materials: (1) your textbook; (2) your class notes; and (3) any downloaded items from the course website. Please do your own work, no collaborating. Work the problems on the exam sheet and show all of your work. Please hand in both your answers and the exam sheet. Good luck! 


Chemistry HW OWL

Chemistry HW OWL 9 Chapters 

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