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Biology homework help

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Hartley-Davis motorcycle

The Hartley-Davis motorcycle dealer in the Minneapolis– St. Paul area wants to be able to forecast accurately the demand for the Roadhog Super motorcycle during the next month.

Biology and Behavior

Biology and Behavior Worksheet

Respond to the following questions in 150-200 words each.

vascular plants vs humans

This week we shifted our focus to our eukaryotic “cousins”, the plants. With that in mind, the discussion topic is designed to provoke some critical analysis of both systems. what Organs or tissues of vascular plants compared to humans (you need to choose only one or two comparable tissue or organ types) 300-500 words 

Injections of TC cells

Injections of TC cells completely removed all Hepatitis B viruses from infected mice, but the injections killed only 5% of the infected liver cells. Explain how TC cells cured the mice

transmission of bacterium

Twenty-one percent of the patients in a large hospital acquired Clostridium difficile diarrhea and colitis during their hospital stay. Epidemiological studies provided the following information. What is the most likely mode of transmission of this bacterium in hospitals?

BIOLOGY Two Questions with Answers

1. Food remains in the stomach for several hours. Passage of food through the small intestines also requires several hours. These two organs have very different shapes. Explain why they are able to retain food for so long, for efficient digestion and absorption.

2. Eating disorders, specifically anorexia and bulimia, have received a lot of attention. Thinking of the anatomy and physiology of the digestive system, what is the impact of each of these conditions on the digestive system? What other systems in the body will these conditions impact?


BIO - Exercise 2: The Globin Gene

Exercise 2: The Globin Gene


1. Complete the DNA molecule by writing a complementary strand.

Coding Strand: CGT CTC TTC GGA CAC Complementary Strand:

2. Write the mRNA sequence that will be created in the process of transcription. The DNA coding strand has the information for the gene, so the strand must be transcribed. The relationships are slightly different for RNA, because RNA does not have T; therefore, U should be substituted for T. To transcribe DNA to RNA, the pairing relationship is A – U, T – A, C – G, and G – C, respectively.

Pregnancy is understood to be carrying an offspring called fetus or embryo

Pregnancy is understood to be carrying an offspring called fetus or embryo Phil Simms Giants Jersey , inside the female womb. That is considered a normal process for humans particularly for won. Bearing a child is a crucial and special experience for just about any woman. But not the majority of the won today have difficulties conceiving due to infertility. Here is the state in which a female is unable to carry full term pregnancy.
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