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Biology homework help

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To prevent a lethal epidemic in the United states all those living in the U.S. must receive the vaccine

After reading the scenario described below, imagine that you are an expert in viruses, the immune system, and epidemics. As an expert you are asked to explain in language everyone can understand the scientific basis supporting one of the two positions below.

BIO - Mr. and Mrs. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Brown want to have children, but Mr. Brown is hesitant. He had an older brother who died of a genetic disorder, and he is worried that he may have a gene that can be passed on.

Jackson mutua

 The exploration of other planets, especially Mars, has captured the attention of many people with the possibility of finding life there. 

HCS330 Week 1 DQ 2

Major breakthroughs that contributed to a more scientific understanding of disease causation?

I have a Biology paper due on this Thursday, Aug. 21. Need an expert in this subject

It is imperative that all bulleted requirements is met.


Please select whichever topic you are most familiar with, write a 4-6 paper and please organize paper including each bulleted requirement.


Evidence for the theory of evolution

1. Evidence for the theory of evolution includes all but __________ (Points : 5)

        the fossil record.

        biochemical similarities among all living things.



2. Chelonia mydas is the scientific name for the green turtle. Chelonia is the __________ (Points : 5)


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