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For this project, you are going to analyze two case studies. You are going to write a 3-5 page informative essay on language and social skill development in typically developing children and children with autism spectrum disorders. When completing this essay, be sure you:


Inductive Reactance Circuits


  1. Watch video entitled “Module 5 – Inductive Reactance”
  2. For Laboratory Application Assignment on pgs. 621-622 examine Figs.

Inductive Reactance

Please show all work: 

  • Work Problems 20-2 – 20-26, (Even problems only), pgs. 618-620

Week 04 Discussion - Budget Process

The HIM department at the county hospital is having problems controlling the cost of release of information (ROI) expenses. The ROI personnel seems to spend a considerable amount of time searching and pulling files, copying, faxing, and mailing medical records. What are some possible reasons why so much time is being spent performing these tasks? What can the HIM director do to control the costs related to the ROI functions?

Probability and Statistics (online) -


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Probability and Statistics (online)



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