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Safety topics

# questions to be anwer 2 are 200 word minimun and the other 3 are 75 words minimum required, all references and sources on APA format. 


Contemporary Issues in Aging W4A2

Identity an elderly person in your community or locality. Fix up an appointment with the elderly person and talk to him or her about the limitations that he or she faces in his or her everyday life. discuss physical impairments.

MHC 6303 Assignment 1: Quality Management System

In Week 1: Assignment 2, you used an episode of care. This week, you will choose an organization from that episode and apply the concepts of a quality management system to it. (If the episode of care involved more than one organization, select just one.)


Data and Its Organization - Discussion

This discussion explores the various types of data. You have been assigned a topic according to the first letter of your last name. Please identify the topic assigned to you below. Find a health-based example of it in a study or news article; the Kaplan University library is a great resource to find this example. Summarize how the measurement is used in your example. Decide whether the variable is qualitative, categorical, quantitative, or continuous. Provide your reasoning. Why is it important to summarize data in this way?


Topic is ---- Nominal

Unit 2: Theories of Morality - Discussion

Consequential, Nonconsequential, and Virtue Theory
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