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Applied Sciences homework help

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astronomy-dark matter

Dark matter and dark energy are two of the biggest mysteries in science today. Although we don't know what they are, scientists would not have added them to our models of the universe without strong evidence that they represent real phenomena (see the Hallmarks of Science). In a 2-3 paragraph essay, identify one piece of evidence for the existence of either dark matter or dark energy, and describe it in detail.


1. Watch video entitled “Module 8 – Voltage Amplifiers in MultiSIM”.

2. Work Example 10-6, pg. 331, with re = 200 and RL = 5kohms.

3. Construct a circuit similar to Fig. 10-8, pg. 331 in MultiSIM with re = 200 and RL = 5kohms.


Word Problems

Work Problems 10-2, 10-6, 10-10, 10-14 pgs. 341-342.

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1. Discuss what a swamping resistor is and name any improvements it makes to amplifier circuits.

2. Discuss the usefulness of capacitors in multistage voltage amplifiers.

Hazardous materials questions

Need help with questions on chemical materials

APA Formatt minimum 200 words per questions.

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