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Algebra homework help

Get free Algebra homework help here or go to homework help

Statistics Quiz

Quiz on chapter 4 and 5. The quiz will start at 10:15am Phoeix az time zone. I will take a photo of the questions and I  will sent it online. Its a written questions and not a multiple choices. The quiz time is one hour. 10 questions only.


MAT/116 - ALGEBRA 1A Math tutor

I'm looking for a MAT/116 - ALGEBRA 1A  tutor pay per week. Must be familiar with UOP

algebra assignments

5 part math labs for algebra 208

5 parts 1 each week willing to pay $10 a week total 50. need done by next wednesday

Phase 2 Duscussion Board

Solving Linear Equations and Inequalities

Task Background: Equations and inequalities are very useful in the real world. For example, you may need to buy various items, such as milk and oranges, at the grocery store. If milk costs $3, and oranges cost $0.10 each, you could come up with an equation that gives the total price of $5. Then, you could use a variable (x = oranges) to represent the number of oranges bought. If you know that you have exactly $5 to spend, then an equation could be created:

Math help

Please show ALL WORK. Thank you


can any body help me with these to math problems

a=3 c=5 what is length of b



a=3, b=4 what is c?

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