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tables 2

<object:standard:macc.912.s-id.3.7>A scatter plot is made to model the number of grams of fat in different portions of fried shrimp. The data used for the scatter plot are shown in the table below:

Sequences and Series

1. Denise is designing the seating arrangement for a concert an outdoor theater. To give everyone a good view, each row must have 6 more seats than the row before it, and the first row can only have 11 seats. Help Denise plan the rest of the seating by solving for how many seats are in row 18. Then explain to Denise how to create an equation to predict the number of seats in any row. Show your work, and use complete sentences.

Algebra II Quiz

The development studio behind the newest video game, Super Ostrich Racers, needs your help. Super Ostrich Racers is an exciting, fast-paced adventure game where your ostrich runs through 20 different levels while collecting coins. They need you to develop the number of coins and points for each level and provide data for the programming team.

Algebra II Geometric Series

Sam recorded the height of each bounce of the ball, beginning with the height from which the ball originally fell, in the chart below:

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