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•From the second e-Activity, identify the potential issues resulting if Statement No.36 had not been issued by GASB. Assess whether or not GAAP require similar treatment for revenue recognition for nongovernmental entities and provide a rationale for any differences in treatment. •Evaluate Statement No. 36 and GAAP revenue recognition requirement.

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I agree to pay $100 per wk for my managerial accounting course over the next 5 weeks. 




Post a 100-200-word response to the following: 


Please see the attached Word document.

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Write a 400 to 500-word response answering the following question:


  • What are some reasons you might consider data or information to lack validity, credibility, or reliability? Explain your answer by using examples.


ACCT Question 7


Read and Answer the following thoroughly. Minimum 250, 2 references, and  format required.


ACCT Question 6


Answer the following thoroughly.


ACCT Question 5


Answer the following thoroughly. No


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