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Accounting homework help

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Managerial Accounting Week 3

Please answer the questions that are circles in the attached document. All questions must be answered and label by the BE or E so that I know what answer goes with each question.

Assignment Week  3

Brief Exercises: BE3-6, BE3-8 and Exercise: E3-7

Brief Exercises: BE4-2, BE4-8 and Exercise: E4-10 




For Rey writer

Assignment 2: Johnson Controls Capital Investments

Due Week 9 and worth 450 points

Unit 6 Discussion

This is a two part Discussion.  The discussions need only be 150 words plus. They do not need a title page or be in APA.

This is the first part:


Czeslaw Corporation's research and development department has an idea for a project it believes will culminate in a new product that would be very profitable for the company. Because the project will be very expensive, the department requests approval from the company's controller, Jeff Reid.

Principle of Accounting

I have Final Exam for Accounting after 2 hours, it's gonna be simmilar to these questions 

16Corporate social responsibility refers to a concept whereby corporations consider 

A The needs of all stakeholders when making decisions

C The responsibility to maximize shareholders’ value

B The moral obligation of all to support the public good

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