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Accounting homework help

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Financial modelling

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5. (TCO C) For the year ended December 31, 201X, Sky Inc. reported the following.

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 (TCO B) Allowance for doubtful accounts on 1/1/1X was $50,000. The balance in the allowance account on 12/31/1X after making the annual adjusting entry was $65,000, and during 201X, bad debts written off amounted to $40,000.

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 (TCO B) Retained earnings at 1/1/1X was $90,000 and at 12/31/1X it was $210,000. During 201X, cash dividends of $50,000 were paid and a stock dividend of $40,000 was issued. Both dividends were properly charged to retained earnings. You are to provide the missing closing entry.
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