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homeworke accounting 211 priciples of accounting

Cost Accounting Project

Please answer the project in Full including filling in tables and all questions.  Please see attached file

w6 dq acc561

new due in 6 hours 60words minimum with reference each question


annual rate of return

1. what is time value of money and why does it affect the value?


Intro to incremental

2. how do we sort through the information to determine what is reliable? What about our discussions a few weeks back about relevance-does that apply?


annual rate of return

3. what is the formula to determine the average investment?

Textbook Assignment Comprehensive Questions

Chapter 8: Comprehensive Questions: Analytical Procedure


8-15 (Analytical procedures) In audit planning the audit of Construction Industry Resources, Inc., a building supply company. You have completed analytic procedures relevant to purchases and inventory. The results of these procedures are included in Figure 8-13.





1. The 10,000 accounts receivable of DEF Company have a total book value of $120,000. A CPA has selected and audited a sample of 100 accounts with a total book value of $1,000 and an audited value of $1,200.

Using the ratio estimation technique, the estimated total audited value of the population is:

Using Motivation to Improve Performance

Write a two to four (2-4) page talking paper in which you:


Unit 3 Journal Auditing

Provide an original and substantive response to the questions posed in your Journal in a minimum of 200 words.

You read about how evidence is the heart of the audit. Auditors base their opinions on the quality of evidence to confirm what the client states to be true. If evidence was weak or incomplete, it is hard for auditors to gain assurance on the client’s claims. Suppose a lot of your client’s paper documentation from early in the fiscal year was destroyed in a fire.

Accounting Paper Researcher_D

Attached is the topic and the instructions. Please follow the attached instructions and rubric. Paper needs to be a min of 500 words done in correct APA format with a min. of 2 citations. Assignment is due no later than Wednesday 29 July 2015 by 1200 pm est. If there are any question please let me know.


Complete exercise questions.

Directions: Answer the following questions on a separate Microsoft Word or Excel 
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