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Disscussion Question

Assignment 1: Discussion—The Implications of Outsourcing and a Global Supply Chain

By outsourcing overseas, a company can reduce costs but must also take certain risks. Global supply chains are exposed to more risk today than ever before.


Certain accounts are increased with debits (the normal balance of this type of account will be a debit balance) and certain accounts are increased with credits (the normal balance of this account will be a credit balance).  This is one of the most confusing concepts for those new to accounting to understand and is one of the most important concepts to grasp in order to be successful in accounting.  How will you remember those accounts that are increase


1 page for each question

1. How does an individual determine when a code’s ethical standards should be applied to professional conduct? Please elaborate your response.



2. Is there a difference between certified public accountants' ethical code of standards and code of professional conduct? Please elaborate your response.

3 DQ - 75 words each

  1. Describe the basic elements of a financial accounting information system?

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