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Accounting homework help

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in the middle of a final, need this in one hour please

(TCO G) Steve Company was formed on December 1, 2010. The following information is available from Steve's inventory record for Product X.


in the middle of a final, need this in one hour please

(TCO H) A truck was acquired on July 1, 2009 at a cost of $216,000. The truck had a 6-year useful life and an estimated salvage value of $24,000. The straight-line method of depreciation was used.

Contingency Theory of Leadership

 Complete Appendix D by using figures 6.3 & 6.4 on pp. 182-183 as a guide. Base your answers on a real or hypothetical work environment. Describe the components of the contingency theory or leadership as it applies to the work environment you selected. Conclude with your recommendation for the best leadership approach.

 Resource: Ch.6 of Introduction to Business.


forum (have to be done within 6 hours)

his is a forum you have to  submitted an appropriate and substantive post to the original assignment of at least 100 words. This includes addressing all of the original questions/issues in a grammatically correct and logical manner, after that you have to response to  another student’s post in a grammatically correct and logical manner (this home work have to be done within 7 hours please):

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