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In each module of this course, you will complete textbook exercises and problems using MyAccountingLab. The exercises and problems in this assignment provide real-world examples that give you an opportunity to apply your knowledge of the concepts covered in prior modules.

In this assignment, you will complete the following MyAccountingLab Post Tests:


QNT 561 Final Exam 1

Rating A


1) Which of the following measures of central location is affected most by extreme values?               

QNT 351 Final Exam

QNT 351 Final Exam

Rating A


1) The main purpose of descriptive statistics is to

A. summarize data in a useful and informative manner

How far can Accounting CPAs go, such as signing things off, if you work for a non-public company

This is a question on the review my professor read out loud to the class. I am not even sure exactly what he is asking, which is why I am turning to you!

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Accounting Paper Researcher_D

Please see attachment for instructions. Paper needs to be a min of 500 words with 2 citations/refernces to support paper. Assignment needs to be uploaded by 30 April 2015 (Thursday).

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