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Corporations versus Partnerships

In your post,.compare the advantages and disadvantages of organization forms, include why most large public health care organizations use the corporate form.

Money Laundering


Write a 400-500 words synopsis on Money Laundering use at least three sources in your review of the topic.  Your review should be similar to a "literature review lite" which covers the topic in some detail, but not fully, due to the constraints in time and also in word limitation.


Wrong and Payroll

Use the Ashford online library to research Enron according procedures. Apply What you have learned from the textbook and the Enron Case and how the case can be used as a training tool in the Healthcare environment. In your post, discuss how falsified accounting procedures affect companies and stockholders.


The book that we are eating from is.....

Epstein, L. & Schneider, A. (2014). Accounting for Health Care Professionals. San Diego, CA. Bridgepoint Education, Inc.




Assignment 1: LASA 2: Airvalue Airways Strategic Planning

Accounting Question

FOB and Revenue Recognition Week 3 Graded Forum Question.



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