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Accounting homework help

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accounting homework

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Browse the Internet to acquire a copy of the most recent annual report for a publicly traded company.

accounting 2 homework

For YourBusinessTutor:

Classify the following cash flows as OPERATING, INVESTING, OR FINANCING ACTIITIES.

1. sold long-term investments for cash.

2. received cash payments from customers.

3. paid cash for wages and salaries.

4. purchased inventories for cash.

5. paid cash dividents.

6. issued common stock for cash.

7. received cash interest on the note.

8. paid cash interest on outstanding notes.

9. received cash from sale of land at a loss.

10. paid cash for property taxes on building.


Assignment 1

Assignment 3: Moneyball

Moneyball, a book by Michael Lewis (2003), highlights how creativity, framing, and robust technical analysis all played a part in the development of a new approach to talent management in baseball. It also exhibited great examples of the biases and psychological pitfalls that plague decision makers.

Federal Tax Income return

Federal tax return assignment

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