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ACC - Chapter 5 Assignment- Pexo Industries

Pexo Industries purchases the majority of their raw materials from an 80% owned subsidiary, Springmade Chemicals. Pexo purchased Springmade to assure supply availability at a time when the materials were being rationed in the industry due to supply issues overseas. Pexo was able to purchase Springmade at the book value of Springmade's net assets.

ACC - Zubick Corporation

Question 2

Zubick Corporation produces and supplies 2 types of component parts to industrial equipment manufacturers. These parts are known as X123 and R907. There are 2 departments in the factory: the machining and assembly departments. The machining department has highly automated operations, while assembly has labour-intensive operations.

Table 1: Annual production data bProductct 123 y produ X

Units produced

Product R907

1, 000


15 DLH

1 5 MH

Total direct labour hours (DLH) consumed per unit



1. Paige Turner is single and has 2 children from her previous marriage. Anika, 11, lives with Paige. Julius, 13, lives with his father, Ray. Paige pays alimony of $600 per month to Ray. The payments are to continue until Julius reaches age 18, when they will be reduced to $150. Paige provides you with the following additional information:

ACC - "Equity-Based Compensation" Paper

"Equity-Based Compensation" Please respond to the following:

Analyzing with ANOVA

Assignment 2: Analyzing with ANOVA Submit your answers to the following questions using the ANOVA source table below.

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