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Accounting homework help

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Current Liability

Current Liability 


250 word minimum response. 

What is a current liability?  From the perspective of a user of financial

statements, why do you believe current liabilities are separated from

long-term liabilities?  Based on your current experience as well as and any

additional research you may have done provide two examples of situations

where businesses collect monies from customers and employees and report

these amounts as a current liability

3 Accouting Questions DUE ASAP

I need these done ASAP please help. 


15 Multiple Choice Accounting Questions DUE IN 45 minutes PLEASE HELP ME!

I attached all 15 questions with multiple choice answers. I need them ALL to be correct and I need it back within 45 minutes MAX. PLease HElp me this is urgent. 


IP 4

You are a financial analyst for the CMC Corporation. This corporation predicts changes in the economy, such as interest rates, retail trends, and unemployment. Your job is to educate incoming analyst on the terminology, definitions, and uses of interest rate theories, yield curves, and predictions. In your next training session, you will cover major theories that have been developed to explain resulting yield curves and the term structure of interest rates. Prepare a training guide with the following:


You are the financial manager of a company of your choice.  You have been asked to share with a group of college interns the process of interest rate determination and how it affected the economy 10 years age compared to now.  You will also predict what may happen with the economy and interest rates 10 years from today.

From a financial manager perspective please explain and discuss the following:

>Discuss how the process of interest rate determination affected our economy 10 years ago versus today

need in 8 hours

Prompt 1

A consulting company that provides software and services relating to business intelligence and analytics has a library of customer success stories on its website at http://www.sas.com/success/indexByTopic.html#1000.1001.0000. Select and read one of the success stories relating to Activity-Based Management.

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