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Question 1

A development strategy that relies on interpersonal relationships where a senior person helps a junior or inexperienced person is called:





Organizational development

Question 2

Which of the following is most true about leadership development in companies known for their excellence in this area?


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Question 1

This program makes for a more flexible workforce and increases workers' appreciation of the other tasks that have to be accomplished for the organization to complete its mission.

Prosocial motivation program

Team building program

Job enrichment program

Job rotation program

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Question 1

Which of the following is not usually considered as part of executive pay?

Merit pay

Stock options

Base pay

Long term incentives

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1.. An argument based on emotional manipulation strives to make people

A. feel sad enough to give money.

B. change their minds.

C. follow the cause.

D. let emotion overwhelm thinking.

2. Sly Smith wants to buy a lot in a residential area on which to operate a neighborhood

pharmacy. Adam Attorney represents a homeowner in the area who is against the

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1. Dickie “Mulehorse” Nixon was the star fullback for Whittier College football team. After missing two practices, Nixon was “dropped” from the team by Archie Cox, the head football coach. Following his dismissal, Nixon met with Cox and asked if he could rejoin the team. Cox told Nixon that he was despised by the other players and under no circumstances could he return to the team.

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1. Passenger entered a subway car at the 42nd Street station. Since all of the seats were occupied, Passenger stood in the subway car and grabbed a pole to secure his balance. As the subway car was proceeding cross-town, Passenger glanced at a voloptuous blonde girl standing next to him.

Changing the AIS

Migrating to a new accounting information system is not an easy task.

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1. As to the stopping of the skateboard, for which of the following intentional torts is Carl most likely liable?

A. Assault 

B. Battery

C. False imprisonment 

D. Infliction of emotional distress

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