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Accounting homework help

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Kubera Co's Allowance for Bad Debts account

On January 1, 2013, the balance in Kubera Co's Allowance for Bad Debts account was 1,300. During the year, a total of $3615 of delinquent accounts receivable was written off as bad debts. The balance in the Allowance for Bad Debts account at December 31, 2013 was 1,420. 


A. what was the total amount of bad debts expense recognized during the year

Accounting- Stockholder's equity

Stockholder’s Equity and Earnings Per Share:


Problem 2:  During 2012, Mason Company made the following common stock transactions (Class B Stock).  For each of the following give the entry(s) that Mason Company would have made.  The common stock has a par value of $10.  (Each of the following scenarios are independent)


A-plus writer

Financial Reporting: Conceptual Framework


ACCOUNTING 201 Financial Analysis

Read ATC 9-3 in Chapter 9 and post your analysis of Whirlpool’s acquisition of Maytag.

ATC 9-3

Banner, Inc Balance

The cash transactions and cash balances of Banner, Inc. for July were as follows:

1. The ledger account for Cash showed a balance at July 31 of $125,568.

2. The July bank statement showed a closing balance of $114,828.

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3 page final reasearch paper- MANAGERIAL ACCOUTING. APA STYLE!

The subject may be any managerial accounting/ manufacturing/ production topic

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