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Accounting homework help

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DQ2. Saturday

Remember the 200 word minimum. Thank you.

2. What is a demand curve? Provide an example of a demand curve in health care. How could this

example affect the economics of health care?



DQ 1 Due Thursday

Remember the 200 word minimum. Thank you.

1. Most people feel health care is priceless; however, health care comes with a steep cost. What

factors must be considered when looking at the true cost of care?


A 3 month, 7% note for $14,000 is signed on November 1. What is the entry to accrue interest on December 31?

Simple Finance Mathematics

I need help with this simple financial mathematics.

4 short questions for Finance Professionals only

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Accounting Questions..... Please answer and explain

1. During the current year, merchandise is sold for $1,375,000. The cost of the merchandise sold is $880,000.

a. What is the amount of the gross profit?

b. Compute the gross profit percentage (gross profit divided by sales).

c. Will the income statement necessarily report a net income? Explain.


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