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Accounting homework help

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Financial Accounting

Michelle & Alexus, Inc. had the following items on their 12/31/07 balance sheet:


Cash                                              $  32,203

Accounting payable                            14,055

Financial Accounting

Benton Mining Company buys equipment for $440,000.  Each piece of equipment lasts for 150,000 hours and has a $40,000 residual value.  Benton purchased one piece of equipment in January 2007.  The forecasted usage is 60,000 hours in 07, 45,000 hours in 08 and 45,000 hours in 09.  The equipment will be sold at the end of the 3rd year for $40,000.  Calculate the depreciation for each of the three years using the straight-line, units of production and double declining balance methods.

Financial Accounting

1.Discuss the various depreciation methods.  Which is the most accurate?  Why?
2.Discuss the accounting for investment in marketable debt and equity securities.

Financial Accounting

Discuss the accounting for leases.

Financial Accounting

Define economic value added (EVA).  Why has it been successful in improving corporate performance?

Financial Accounting

Discuss the accounting for treasury stock transactions.

Accounting Discussion - minimum 200 words

List a few of the issues and considerations businessess should have when it comes to the selection of long term investmentsand how those issues impact the various financial statements.

ACT 5741 Final Exam

1. Under Ricky Co.'s job order costing system, manufacturing overhead is applied to work in process using a predetermined annual overhead rate. During January, Ricky's transactions included the following:

Direct materials issued to production $ 90,000

Indirect materials issued to production $ 8,000

Manufacturing overhead incurred $125,000

Manufacturing overhead applied $113,000

Direct labor costs $107,000

Ricky had neither beginning nor ending work-in-process inventory. What was the cost of jobs completed in January?

a. $302,000

b. $310,000

ACC- Radco Manufacturing


The new CEO of Radco Manufacturing has asked for a variety of information about the operations of the firm from last year. The CEO is given the following information, but with some data missing:


Tax Computation Related Two problems

3-46) Pension Income. Beth retires when she turns 65. She begins receiving a monthly pension of $300 from her employer’s qualified retirement plan.

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