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Accounting homework help

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Statistics HW

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Accounting Excel Work Help

This project will be completed in several phases.  Whether you are completing the project in Excel or on printed worksheets, you will work through the project in steps.

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tax question

x corporation is owned by a single individual A. X has three assest: cahs 20000, inventory FMV 190000, AB 140000, land FMV 180000, ab 210000. X adopts a formal plan of liquidation and immediately thereafter distributes its assets to A. A's adjusted basis in his X corporation stock is equal to 285000? what are the tax consequences of this liquidation to X corporation and A?

1, how would you answer to part A change if X corp also had liabilities of 40000?

2 how would your answer to part A change is A had an adjusted basis in his X corporation stock of 405000

ACC561 Week 4 Team Assignment - For Waqas only

Access the following Week 4 reading, linked to this assignment:

  • Broadening Your Perspective 17-2

Write a paper of no more than 750 words in which you respond to the Broadening Your Perspective 17-2 activity titled "Managerial Perspective" in Ch. 17 ofAccounting.


Audit Plan

This is on the Small Business Administration (SBA)

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