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Calculations Shown

1. (TCOs 1, 8, 9) Using the security market line formula rather than the dividend discount formula, determine the expected return on a firm's common stock when:

(a) beta = 1.0;

(b) the risk-free rate is 4%; and

(c) marketplace interest rates have hovered around 9%

Calculations Shown

1.               On January 15

Summarize the events of a recent accounting scandal. Identify how the illegal or unethical act was detected and describe the punishments that resulted (fines, prison terms, etc.). Consider what could have been done to detect this act earlier or to prevent

In order to facilitate this week's discussion, I have compiled the following list of companies that have been associated with corporate scandals.  Those scandals went public between 2000 and 2002.   For the purposes of meeting the requirements for this class, we will consider them as recent.


To prepare the new staff for the upcoming tax season, you have decided to hold 1-week training.

Prepare a short PowerPoint presentation of 5 slides outlining the following:


Discussion Question for Principals of Accounting

Conduct further research on the Fraud Triangle. Think about a situation in your life where the control environment had a strong influence. This example could be from the workplace, school, family or a recent news article.

For your initial post:

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